Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Early Morning Lunar Fun

Saturday evening past found me with some close friends enjoying dump cake, iced tea, fresh seasonal melon and a lot of laughter. I did not mention anything astronomical at all throughout the evening but upon my departure at 1 a.m someone mentioned " Hey SUG are you going to take in some sky at home?" Oh yes I am indeed!

With our high temps our best shot at observing is in the wee hours of the morning. So as I am driving home Luna is in my view calling out to me as she rises in the east and my mind is racing as to what to look at across her surface! By 3:30 a.m I am ready to have some moon fun.

Crater Lambert found in Imbrium is a must see. Yes it is easily over looked but when the Lunar terminator is nearby here is a landscape to wonder. A complex crater it is and the encroaching shadow line only highlights all the goodies found here - complex floor, circular central mtns!, crater halo, nearby ghost crater, and wrinkle ridges all over the place!

No coffee was needed to keep me motivated and awake. Mrs.SUG heard my shuffling around on the patio and joined me for constellations, Earthshine, and Selene views. "The summer morning sky is so cool" she said and added "Hey astro guy the pond needs some cleaning and these shrubs need trimming and............

Time for me to hit the sack!