Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Sidewalk Venue?

Coffee and astronomy soon to a sidewalk near you - OK near me! Yes the nice folks at Hub Coffee Company in Reno have opened their patio to the Sidewalk Universe Guy !

The Hub is just south of downtown Reno. It is a awesome local coffee mill converted out of a old garage! I had a wonderful latte from here last year. I was doing a program nearby at a school and the teacher's aid bought me this wonderful drink from a place called The Hub. Though I do not go out from coffee very often ( to long to write about) this latte was out of this world and left a impression with me.

So on a total whim yesterday as I was thinking about new venues for my outreaches this coffee hang out comes to mind and there they are on facebook and blogspot! I thought with the location, the patio, and excellent reviews I would give it a shot, so off went a facebook intro........they said yes!

Someday winter is going to end on the Sierra foothills. April is Global Astronomy Month. My Meetup group is building with inquiring minds & hearts. The streets need a Sidewalk Universe Guy astronomer.

And I need a coffee!