Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spending Time At the Beach

With the scope out on the patio from last nights comet treat and Solar activity to enjoy I just had to grab a view this morning.

I am a pretty simple person in my approach to life. I do not need expensive trips or vacations to relax; just a day trip here and there to the beach is a great rejuvenatory thing for me.

Solar Beaches ( those bright webby things surrounding active regions also called Faculae which are ionized gas hotter than the surroundings held aloft by magnetic field lines!) seem to have the same effect. With the wedge these just seem to jump off the Solar disk and are so striking!

Enlarge the image and see that group on the left edge - awesome!!!! My morning on the beach found me stuck behind the eyepiece for an hour taking in all the Solar limb was showing! With patient and black towel shrouded observations these Solar Beaches wax and wane in intensity over minutes with new extensions popping into view! FUN!!!!!

I did use plenty of sun screen too......

Out With C2009 P1 Garradd

I have always enjoyed comets. These solar system interlopers always have a air of mystery and wonder surrounding them. One of my favorite things in my astronomy passion is watching these guys wax/wane in size and intensity, and to follow their movement amongst the starry background both over hours and days.

This cosmic iceberg is so conveniently placed right now that it begged for a look. Our local weather has been warmer than normal and that brings in moisture off the Pacific; when that air hits our mountains we get haze so that has kept me sidelined from bagging this comet sooner.

I searched around and found this pic which I feel best represents last nights view with the AT106 apo and the viewing conditions. In this size scope the typical blue/green/grayish comet glow was easy to see and movement was detected just after 15 minutes! The tails what about the and out at best. Sometimes I imagine seeing them and then they vanish. So......

Tonight we will bring out more aperture. I must have my tail fix!!!!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011


AT106 with Solar Wedge is just biting at the bit waiting for Old Sol to crest my neighbors roof top. He spent the night out on the patio recouping from a evening lunar survey the night before.

Our mornings as of late have been very cool so the views should be good. So much activity with fun giant Sunspot groups to enjoy along with some french press swill, fruit, and almond butter toast!

Pembs Astronomer has a great blog page and he has inspired me to........

Imitate him!

And here's the SUG trying to do a Pembrokes Astronomer Solar pic! Yes that fuzzy green orb is our sun through the AT106 and wedge combo. I can see & hear all the smirks and laughter now along with some other choice things but I NEVER said I can capture good pictures of any kind. Please refer to the questionable pic quality seen here from time to time!

Seriously the Solar view with the wedge is outstanding - super sharp, detailed and the photosphere features take on a almost 3D appearance.

Trust me!


It has been awhile since I have posted a "Healthy Eating & Observing Club" as nothing is as dear to my heart as fun astronomy and food. One must be well fueled at the eyepiece to make quality observations!

Part of a good meal is desert and these cannoli's purchased by Mrs.SUG along with a NY style pizza to feed herself and my college age son. Oh my was this food authentic, really just like I had as a kid back on the east coast. But now in middle age and with food allergies the pizza is a no no but a little bit of this is OK along with pesto pasta and a yummy salad. When Mrs.SUG arrived with the treats I was busy enjoying a late afternoon with a day 5 Luna from the patio - perfect timing and combo!

Ah, the bliss of the creamy, crunchy, slightly bitter sweet gooey goodness invading my taste buds! Ah, there was bliss at the eyepiece too but more on that for another posting.

Now my readers here is a chance to put your observational skills to use. Enlarge this image and post the similarities between this tasty treat and our moon! There are lots!