Friday, August 5, 2011


AT106 with Solar Wedge is just biting at the bit waiting for Old Sol to crest my neighbors roof top. He spent the night out on the patio recouping from a evening lunar survey the night before.

Our mornings as of late have been very cool so the views should be good. So much activity with fun giant Sunspot groups to enjoy along with some french press swill, fruit, and almond butter toast!

Pembs Astronomer has a great blog page and he has inspired me to........

Imitate him!

And here's the SUG trying to do a Pembrokes Astronomer Solar pic! Yes that fuzzy green orb is our sun through the AT106 and wedge combo. I can see & hear all the smirks and laughter now along with some other choice things but I NEVER said I can capture good pictures of any kind. Please refer to the questionable pic quality seen here from time to time!

Seriously the Solar view with the wedge is outstanding - super sharp, detailed and the photosphere features take on a almost 3D appearance.

Trust me!


Pembs Astronomer said...

Hi SUG...
Thank you for the compliments ...:0)

Had to do a double take when I saw "SUG ATTEMPTS A PEMBS POST" :0)

That AT106 is a beauty, and combined with that Herschel wedge, I would have difficulty dragging myself away from the eyepiece....

I hadn't realised the wedge gave a green hue to the solar image....looks really good..

"photosphere features take on a almost 3D appearance".....

... Definitely wouldn't be able to drag myself away from the eyepiece... :0)

Sidewalk Universe said...

The post is meant as a total compliment to you for your simple, quality observing and your way with words. I am glad you saw it that way. I look forward to your postings especially the observational ones.

The green in the Solar image is due to the Baader Solar Continuum Filter that came with the wedge. One can use this or a additional Neutral Density which gives a more natural cast to the image. At the time I did not have the extra $60 US for this so I stayed with the BSC. This filter really brings out the fine detail when combined with the wedge. This was not a cheap item but the more I use it the better it gets! The wedge was purchased to aid in my outreach efforts; with the 2"format anyone can see thru it.

Drive By Astro is begging me to send the wedge to him in NY to use on his TV101. I can put you on the waiting list but you will have to pull out your refractor (do you still have the 150?)to use it! The wedge with my CR150 @F8.5 IS THE BOMB!!!!

Pembs Astronomer said...

Hi SUG, I foolishly last year swapped my CR150 for a ham radio, it was a lovely ham radio ...but still .. :0(

Never again will I part with a scope..if another scope ever turns up here, the Tals will stay were they are....!!! :0)

NiteSkyGirl said...

Wow that is amazing! Great shot SUG!