Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Sidewalk Venue?

Coffee and astronomy soon to a sidewalk near you - OK near me! Yes the nice folks at Hub Coffee Company in Reno have opened their patio to the Sidewalk Universe Guy !

The Hub is just south of downtown Reno. It is a awesome local coffee mill converted out of a old garage! I had a wonderful latte from here last year. I was doing a program nearby at a school and the teacher's aid bought me this wonderful drink from a place called The Hub. Though I do not go out from coffee very often ( to long to write about) this latte was out of this world and left a impression with me.

So on a total whim yesterday as I was thinking about new venues for my outreaches this coffee hang out comes to mind and there they are on facebook and blogspot! I thought with the location, the patio, and excellent reviews I would give it a shot, so off went a facebook intro........they said yes!

Someday winter is going to end on the Sierra foothills. April is Global Astronomy Month. My Meetup group is building with inquiring minds & hearts. The streets need a Sidewalk Universe Guy astronomer.

And I need a coffee!


Paulie said...

Coffee and astronomy go great together, although this is not on a sidewalk near me, unfortunately.

That's okay, as long as you have fun out there, and have good crowds eager to learn the sky. Good luck and good coffee to you, SUG!

Paulie said...

And for the record, I LOVE Mare Orientale for the Blog background!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Thanks Paulie! I am looking forward to doing selected events here - mostly StreetSolar and Sun Earth Moon stuff. They close early evening so that will kill any evening planet moon stuff.

Are you getting ready to get out on the by ways in Indiana and ChiTown?

Paulie said...

We did a star party on the far north side of Chicago two weeks ago for the Chicago Parks Dept., and a lakefront "Super Moon" session by Adler. I don't have any definite plans for Global Astronomy Month 2011, but I will be out & about every chance I get. The only local thing I've done was some public solar viewing in Valpo and at the library in Chesterton last Monday. Finally at the library there was some interest, but not much. It was a shame because I've never seen such a sunspot show. I'm ready to at least move up to a Baader solar film very soon, and I have a Coronado in my possession for now, but nothing to mount it on. I'd really like to use it before I have to return it to Calumet Astronomical Society.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Paulie - is it a PST? If it is you could piggy back it on your 6"dob!

Use some double side velcro tape to mount and sight in your PST and use the same tape to mount the appropriate counter weight at the tail end of your scope - like a plastic or cloth bag filled with gravel or cat sand. Quick easy setup! You can also visit your local camera store and purchase a simple 1/4 20' thread mount to velcro on your Dob.

Find a milk carton crate set your scope on and your observing with your dob and Baader Film filter with HA in tow!

Let me know how all this works out...