Saturday, April 9, 2011

BLOG Update - There Is Some Astronomy Happening Here

Mother nature is really playing havoc with the Sidewalk Guy's efforts here in Northern NV. Winter just will not leave us and events I have planned are canceled, postponed, or effected greatly. My Meetup group is showing great promise even though we have had weather outs over and over. Last Sunday we met and had a nice time but was hazed out very early! Today I had a joint Meetup & public outreach planned but again mother nature had another cold late winter like day. Oh well. You can read about the Meetup with this link:

But the Sidewalk Guy continues to get his arsenal full of fun outreach/educational aids and this one crossed my path from the nice folks at Ashland Astronomy Studio, and is available at

Here we have a simple easy to read and use map of our sky just great for all levels of star gazers and in my case just perfect for the general public and Meetup members who are looking to make sense of the sky above.

Everything is centered on the South (except of course the circumpolar sky) month by month so it is really easy to orient newbies to easy to find guide stars and dominate constellations! Also star names, celestial paths are easily seen. FUN!

Here is the legend. Again very easily to discern and use.

Asterisms included! I am in heaven as asterisms are a favorite of mine and a great tool to help folks memorize the sky! I like to have folks - especially kids make up their own.

Included are charts for both the Pleiades and the Hyades which test the eye sight of unsuspecting victims to Sidewalk Guy's charms! OK I will include bino views to these poor souls!

Next week I will get this fine poster laminated and out on the resource table. Now weather please cooperate!


Johany said...

Sorry to hear about the weather. If it's any consolation it's the same down here. Don't lose hope! We will have a nice clear night soon!!!

Paulie said...

I see there has been a lot of enthusiasm for the meet-up group. You will get clear nights, but this winter has been terrible. I've always heard about the cold, crisp, and clear winter nights, but haven't had many of them this year. I think we have finally turned the corner for both temperatures and clearer skies, so telescope time might not be far off.