Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Astro Happenings

After a long winter hibernation I was able to get some outreach accomplished both on the sidewalk and with the Meetup Reno Suburban Sky Explorers. The SSE'rs had 2 events so far this month and this past Sunday's event was really fun. We had a high flying day 6 moon in our afternoon crystal blue sky! I had 4 members make it out for Lunar sights, and fun food.

Chris and his trusty pad made friends with C8 and were making detailed observes together. This was Chris's second Lunar outing and he is really getting on the fast track with Luna!
This was Jodie's first lunar observe and she took advantage of all the telescope time she had! With just a little coaching she was off and surveying our moon. This Meetup adventure is very satisfying and its is starting to become what I envisioned it to be: a non serious place for folks to Meetup with the universe and have some fun!

Drive By joined us via Skype all the way from his backyard observatory in Buffalo N.Y! Fun to banter with him and he got to meet my newbie observers here in NV. Of course he had plenty of swagger to show off!

But the real reason Drive By joined us was to shake me down for the super secret formula for the SUG Observing Enhancing Cookies. Not only do these help you see more but are very healthy and taste great at the same time!

Local astro ducks Gertrude & Wycliffe dropped in for the moon along with the food handouts & SUG Spa Waters. They claim there is a duck on the moon!

I got some street astro in too! This Tuesday with its reasonable afternoon sky and free time for me allowed me to share Sol & Luna at Reno's Virginia Lake Park . This was a short 2.5 hour event but in that time 36 were treated to daytime astro. Chris and his dad loved this afternoon moon thing!

And Kristy is now a real Sun worshiper! One look is all it took!

Brandon had the first official sidewalk views through AT106. This scope is very quick and easy to setup and the wide views make observing easy for just about everyone both young and old alike. More on this scope later on.

That smile on his face says it all!


Johany said...

What is your secret formula for those cookies? Please do tell! They look so DELICIOUS!!!! Yum!

Sidewalk Universe said...

I will send this to you BUT please do not share with Drive By! No telling what he will do with it!

Johany said...

I promise! Your secret is safe with me!!! :)