Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Freeze Saturn Street Astro 4/26

With a weather out of Sunday's Suburban Sky Explorer Meetup I was really wanting to get out and share some sky. Earlier in the day I had a fun morning Lunar viewing from the yard and was a bit primed to get out in the evening which looked very promising.

I got down to the park about 1 hour before Sunset and set up a "lite" table. Just the basics - binder, atlas, and planet scale model. The place was busy with power walkers, runners, families and I was ready for a busy evening sharing Saturn's planet swagger - this was to be my first Saturn viewing of the year.
This was also a opportunity to try out AT106. He was purchased mainly for Solar, Lunar, and Star Cluster viewing with the public. Both CR150 and C8 do a fabulous job on the planets but AT106 was already in the car so off he goes on this outing.

SOMEONE REMIND THE SIDEWALK GUY TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO OUR WEATHER FORECASTS PLEASE!!!!!! As soon as the Sun dropped over the western foothills our temps took a total nosedive and it was serious cold here - the place emptied out so fast. A breeze off the water was freezer cold and my hands stopped functioning in about a half hour. What's up with this! I was not prepared for this weather shift or the non functional appendages !

Needless to say with the wind our views went south and my line to see the show thinned out fast expect for Lindsey. She is a serious workout gal with a infectious smile and fast lap pace. As I was setting up she was limbering up and came over to inquire what was being shown this evening. Saturn has always captured her imagination and here is a chance to see it for herself. So after her laps ( I am not sure she even broke a sweat!) she was back just as the line dispersed ahead of her! This was really funny to see happen as others were being made into human popsicles and were fleeing this arctic blast she is ready to look all warmed from her sprint around the parks 2.5 mile circuit. Even with the somewhat shimmering view she was impressed seeing 3 moons, rings and even some banding across Saturn's blush face. As is normal ( I do expect this to happen from time to time!) on the cell phone she goes sharing her viewing experience with others waiting for her at a nearby eatery!

Can the Sidewalk Guy stay out longer? I want too but my frozen hands and feet say no. So
I give Lindsey a "SUG CHECK" to pass on to her friends for a warmer evening as Saturn will be gracing our spring skies over the next few months. Can I do the Zodiac and Opposition modeling, the Saturn/Earth Scale and viewing with her friends later? How long is a "SUG CHECK" good for?

These are important questions!


Johany said...

Is AT106 the brown package surprise? If so, it looks GREAT! So sorry it was so artic cold! Remember that time I told you about how I went out with Riddick and my hands were so frozen that I had to call it a night (along with having collimation issues)?

I hear ya on that one!!! Don't worry SUG, warmer weather is just around the corner!!!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Yes AT106 is the mystery brown package surprise at my doorstep this past Dec.

Funny thing is I'm still cold! I think I need to do a Solar program and thaw out completely!

Still awaiting news on your observing exploits Johany.......

Paulie said...

Winter just won't leave...

But at least now it is rain here instead of snow.