Friday, April 15, 2011

I am attempting to make up for lost time! With so many delays either weather or life oriented it is good to get out and have some astronomy fun with the public!

"Our Sun Day On Thursday" outreach was a hit with 45 + being exposed to new levels of Solar Radiation! Here's just a few of our partakers:

This group here rearranged their outing to spend extra time with the Sidewalk Universe Guy. This was their first exposure to any form of observational astronomy and they left with a new appreciation for our local Solar System. All the adults made quality observes picking out fine detail on the Solar disk!

Even pedal pushers in pink got into this Solar thing! Gotta luv that bike!

Leaving is such sweet sorrow especially when your having fun! But my family needs dinner and house work calls. Just as I was packing up Nala and nephew stop by and inquire; how can I say no such nice folks?

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Johany said...

These folks must love it when you do outreach! You get them hooked for sure!