Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jumbo Styro Ball Gibbous Moon StreetAstro 2/12

Our skies are blue, the temps are early spring like, the sun is brilliant, and Luna is hanging high on the ecliptic. Along with this SUG has a new large stryo ball to hand off to inquiring folks so they too can mimic the moon's phase cycle as it meanders around the Earth. Oh the joys of hands on activities!

I arrived at my traditional station and the park traffic is busy. Setting up is a hoot as folks are coming over and inquiring. The simple observes & questions are the most profound as folks are coached in that direction. Once the environment is set they are willing and able to learn and experience more. This is where the Jumbo Styro Ball comes in. We have our Sun providing the luminance and anchor of our system, our head becomes our home world, and the JSB is our moon. Now we can model the phases, eclipses, cycles of our moon. Jumbo Styro's effect is profound!

Holly had a wonderful learning experience. This was a total eye opener for her as she held command of the moon's monthly sojourn in her hand. Now the moon's comings and goings made sense to her. These are profound revelations to folks as the moon has a cycle that can be observed, understood and enjoyed.

Phylis had a good time at the scope glued to the moon's mountains and large craters and shadow line which now made sense after her experience with Jumbo Styro Ball! She said "I never understood the changing shadows till today. I want to see what the the moon will look like tomorrow! Are you going to be here? Please please please be here!"

I think the SUG could curve out some time to help fulfill this request.


Johany said...

You got them hooked SUG!!! :)

Sidewalk Universe said...

No Jumbo StyroBall did that - I just provided the narrative. These 2 ladies really loved the whole phasing experience and are now going to be on the lookout for our moon in our evening and morning skies!

I like hooking people and hopefully soon you too will share in the fun there in CT with Cosmos Cruz'n Productions!