Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Sidewalk Universe Guy Outreach Effort

I am considering starting up my outreach again with our summer nearing a end and the promise of cooler temps in September. Solar System objects usually rule in my efforts; Sun, Moon, Planets and once in a while deep sky stuff when conditions and lighting permit as per location.

Last night while I was doing a causal lunar observe from my patio when my neighbor Edi with his daughter Rachel, and her friend Julie stopped over to enjoy the moon and Delta Scorpio show; a wide graze here but a pleasant view with both our eyes and through C8. Julie was really enjoying it all and her excitement got me thinking about outreach again.

Drive By Astronomy keeps encouraging me to try new things so it's about time I spiced things up a bit and get out of the normal routine. Time to be creative, engaging, novel, and push the boundaries of outreach education. Lets meet the needs of a astronomy deprived, and hungry public. I like to say "there's a cosmic object 0f choice for everyone & a dog of some variety for everyone!" Really!

Some people respond to the Moon. Others the Sun. And the planets have a way of getting everyone's attention! So how about a variety of dogs and sausages to cater to the multitudinous tastes out there. Both carnivore & vege alike. I can see it now - this cart, scope and table set up in areas where people mingle and walk! Oh the bliss of photons dancing in the eyes of my visitors with the competition for attention coming from tasty meats, veges, sauces and toppings on their taste buds and sweet, savory aromas in the olfactory pathways!

Is this sensory overload for the average person? Can the Sidewalk Universe Guy with white coat and white Spy Sunglasses (borrowed from his 20 something son) handle the traffic generated by this? Will SUG hog the scope and eat all the dogs? Will the ASP keep me as a NightSky Network site? What about the health and parks department? Will this create such a stir that the police will shut me down and drive me out of town?

Only time will tell!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Yo Sugo! I will have 2 texas hots with works please! How about a side of sunspot viewing through that Herschel Wedge too!

Johany said...

You should so do it!!! I'll have a chilli dog with no fries please!!! :)

Paulie said...

This is an idea! The ultimate junk food for ultimate astronomy junkies!

Sidewalk Universe said...

I will hold the fries Johany(but you should consider trying my sweet potato fries!) and make Paulie's a double stack wiener!

Hey Drive By please keep the gooey fingers off the scope!!!!!!

NiteSkyGirl said...

Wow! Your a busy guy out there.

Got my new blog up and running, good to be back.