Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting Back Into Astronomy Mode And Loving It

Does your astronomy passion wax and wane like the lunar cycle - all full or barely there? Mine sure has over the months (for various reasons) but the Sidewalk /Patio Universe Guy aka SUG/PUG is back and is doing his observing and outreach thing. This weekend provided a full slate of astronomy for the this NV sky guy and the public being exposed to his astronomy resource table and telescope.

I did 2 events at the Marina sharing the wonders of the Sun and our daytime waning moon. Many where lassoed in without the SUG having to say a word: just show up, set up, and dress it up ( be prepared with lots of hands on stuff to involve one and all) I like to say! Yes they will gravitate toward the pull of astronomy made simple. Zuzana and Michael encountered the SUG on Saturday afternoon. Michael had his first telescope views which left him spellbound. Seeing the daytime moon and solar plasma surface ignited his science oriented mind and a super youngster to work with! Zuzana was able to catch our fast setting moon and model its phase with the Jumbo Styro Ball, enjoyed scope views, and did the Same Size Sun&Moon activity, along zodiac basics! These things will add to her current interest in Exo Biology and things cryptic concerning our universe. I had about 60 visitors over my 2 outings, got a suntan on my face and arms and enjoyed myself immensely.

The Patio Universe Guy was getting into personal observing mode also. Last week CR150/pier was set up in my concrete jungle yard and busy pulling in solar, comet, double star, winter sky objects, waning moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus, Neptune views. Did I mention the Orionids Meteor Shower too which was observed in between eyepiece views? Total enjoyment and bliss out in the cool fall mornings!

Drive By Astronomy joined me on the phone for two extreme lunar limb observes ! FUN FUN! We explored the far northern and southern regions - he was on the computer , PUG on the scope. All this along with silly banter, good french press coffee as two adults are kids under our sky doing astronomy over three time zones.

I love this scope as the views never disappoint. But it is a commitment to set up and take down so once it is set up it stays up for awhile with the OTA removed and secured. Kinda funny looking at the pier and mount throughout the day on the patio with sparrows roosting on the mount! I wonder how it would look on the front lawn as a part of a water feature!

Lots of possibilities!


Johany said...

I am so glad you're back! I love the pic of the little boy and his mother. Really nice picture. You can tell how excited they were in learning more about astronomy! You are indeed touching lives!

Sidewalk Universe said...

They had a good time and were very appreciative. Micheal's first views where special.

I had 2 really good outreaches and I am looking forward to more! I am planning a Halloween Eve observe like last year on the front lawn - easy and fun!