Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Weekend Astro

Clear sky and cool temps continue so out we go!

Friday evening found me at Starbucks doing a Moon/Jupiter/ Star Stuff program. StarStuff is where I show off a Star Cluster or Nebula dejour' and present Stellar Evolution. This is usually well received and most are excited to be able to see the M41-42 complex from a suburban setting! This old C8 gives nice contrasty views and with some patience most saw lots of detail.

Jonathan was totally digging the Lunar Poles and crater hopping all over the place!

Sunday morning found me at the Marina Park for a 3 hour Super Bowl SUNday program. The place was busy with folks getting the fresh air, exercise, and sunshine this cool morning before heading out to cheer their team. The park security team was excited at my presence and promptly got on the ATV and promoted the Sidewalk Guy around the complex - Nice! Soon folks were coming by expecting something good and good they got with Sol putting on a magnetic display easy for all to see!

On this outing I just happened to met the owner of the most popular used bookstore in town and she really enjoyed what I was doing. So now we are planning an event for her store in March/April. This was a good encounter and I am looking forward to this!

I had 80 visitors in the course of these events.

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Johany said...

I think the used book store event in March/April is going to rock! Great post SUG. And I love the pic of the cute elderly woman you used for your blog main picture! Nice!