Monday, April 16, 2012

First Side By Side Solar 4/15/12

Finally here: The Sidewalk Guy Solar Observatory. All the pieces and parts in one place and what a day to try them out on with Old Sol gushing plasma in all directions!

I want to thank everyone who has supported me w/ encouragement, dollars, advice. Having this is a dream come true! Outreach is a passion for me and this will only help in that pursuit.

I still have some minor bugs to work out in as far as balancing, and shared field of views, and a dovetail bar purchase. But the first day out was a treat for me and those who shared in the Solar Show! Folks enjoyed the multi wavelength views which offer something to anyone no matter what the vision is like!

Tom made the first serious view of the day and really enjoyed the new active region in the west w/ it's growing spots and torches!

Jeremiah went back and forth between the scopes easily associating activity seen in each scope!

This trio made my day. Out for a causal stroll in the NV sunshine they came upon my Solar station to be captured by Sol's Sunday Matinee. Views, texts, pics, phone calls to friends ensued w/ others coming to take it in!

Thank you Sun for the fun!


Johany said...


I haven't talked to you in a while. I'm glad to see your outreaching efforts are going great!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi SUG.... great outreach work ...

I'll say it again..the people of Nevada are lucky to have you as their Universe Guy...!

So many smiling faces :0)

I can't get over how blue your skies are... !!!

Be well...

Pembs... :0)

Anonymous said...

I've just noticed Jonathan Seagull in your first picture, down by the front of thr tripod.... Even the birds want to view old Sol... :0)

John K. said...

Great efforts in sharing the beauty of our closest star with others! Looking forward to reading more, and being encouraged myself for more outreach efforts.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hi guys and thanks for chiming in. I am really pleased w/ the new setup and the fun views the public gets to enjoy!

I did not see the gull until I posted the pic!

Hey Johany good to see you again print!

Yes Pembs for $14.95 U.S per month you can have NV skies shipped to Wales!!!!!

Hey John K looking forward to getting to know you more.....yes do outreach!!!!