Thursday, June 17, 2010

3 Evening Street Astronomy Blitz Part 1

Last night I kicked off another astro foray on the walkways of the Sparks Marina Park along with my new outreach pal OJ the C8 SCT all outfitted and ready to go. With the ecliptic offering so much in the way of eye candy along with super weather (save for the setting sun windy time) surely OJ and I would be busy tonight and we were! Over 60 stopped by to look & learn and many took up on the Sidewalk Guy's Saturn Observational Challenge which is:

  • Low power view of Saturn; how many moons can you spot?
  • Medium power view; you see Saturn's oblate shape?
  • Higher power view/orange filter; can you spy Saturn's mascara ring shadow, atmospheric banding, polar hood?
  • How long will you stick around to listen to SUG's banter?
Besides all this there is the Moon to show off, and the Ecliptic Sky to point out!

These guys were astro geeks deluxe throughout the evening getting totally hooked on this space stuff. And they came back with more of their gang to reel them in too! They may be joining me on Thursday evening for a detailed Lunar observe and more "phasing out"!

Rosa and her trio of surprised walkers made very detailed observations of Luna and Saturn with a little coaching. All of them have never looked through a scope before and where glued along with miles of smiles beaming from their faces and rapid text messaging going on to family and friends to join in the proceedings.
David is a budding amateur photographer who enjoys photographing the night sky in panoramic and scenic shots - earth sky stuff. What he had to show me on his 3G phone was impressive and needless to say this telescope on the walkway thing captured his attention fast! Luna, Saturn views led to a discussion about Venus and it's unique characteristics along with a understanding of the ecliptic.

This was a fun night!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Young folk of Sparks get SUGified with OJ and C8 visually electrifying the crowd. I
Way to go Richie. You are Celestially on fire with your band of telescopic marauders!
I am SUG deprived in WNY. Is ther a house for sale in the SUGhood? Will my east coast scope be accepted.. I think so.
Great job Richie. Looks like a fun crowd you had.
"Where did SUG get all the hand out goodies" Drive-by wonders.

Sidewalk Universe said...

This was a fun group! We all just hung out together with more and more joining us as the evening progressed. Everyone well behaved, attentive and grateful for what they were receiving. Cell phones going off, texting going on, SUG's picture being sent all over the place and more people showing up! "Hey there's this guy out here with a telescope and you have to get here!" Gotta love it!

The handouts: I have my secret sources. But remember my visitors must earn them!

NiteSkyGirl said...

Re:How long will you stick around to listen to SUG's banter?

I don't know, you'll have to get someone to film one of your nights and i'll tell you. Actually that would be interesting.

Which pajamas did you wear?
Your planets or Betty Boop ones?

Sidewalk Universe said...
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Sidewalk Universe said...

I leave the PJ pants home as I do not want to cause anyone any undue stress!

Did you catch the SUG Saturn Challenge? The hardest one is the last one!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

OJ had really been "Styling". The orange tube never looked so good.
When's a joint virtual PJ observe night?

Sidewalk Universe said...

We need to do this - and our wives can think of us as nuts!

Due to the time difference you would have the cover of night when I will be in the daylight for any peeping tom neighbors to spy on me! They have serious concerns about my astro addiction!

OJ is looking and running like a champ!