Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Could I Forget to Post This Sunday Evening Street Astro

Sunday was a fabulous day here with spring like temps, brilliant snow capped mountains and good sky. After being lazy all day I was ready to go out and met some folks and share some universe stuff. I decided to bring the Orion 8" out as the dust was building up on it in the garage. In years past this scope has had a lot of street astro lookers, scouts, neighbors view through it. A half hour of cleaning and tuning it was ready to go wearing C8 's light shroud as a crown.

It was a pretty evening with a magnificent sunset and 18 hour Cheshire Cat Moon grinning at us in the west. Saturn put on a show and the lines where building faster than expected. These folks in the pic where at the tail end of that line. But they heard every presentation, saw every modeling and when they hit the scope they were ready to look and do some astronomy. What a pleasure to work with this group as we covered a lot of sky for them! Each of them nailed the SUG Saturn Challenge pushing their novice viewing skills. After the ecliptic objects du jour on to double stars and some globular clusters too!

Waiting at the end of the line has its advantages!


NiteSkyGirl said...

Always nice to see the excited faces on the people in your photos, they look very enthusiastic in that shot.

What is the SUG Saturn challenge?
Sounds great already.
As for clusters the Hercules cluster is so vivid out there lately, last night it was a joy to observe.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Globbies are fun. A number of years ago I did a globbie observing blitz and in one night bagged 60 of them!

I want you to try this with the Milky Way Hub getting up in our evening skies and your 12.5" - I bet the NSG can get at least 40!

俊偉 said...
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Drive-by Astronomy said...

The line was so long I never made it to the scope. Good to see the 8" out for a spin around the universe.
The SUG astro street show never disappoints the masses. Looks like they enjoyed themselves.

Sidewalk Universe said...

I did see you waving at me from the rear there my friend!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

SUG needs a crown as he is "The King of Sidewalk Astronomy in Sparks , NV".
I like the "ecliptic objects du jour" line