Thursday, July 1, 2010

Astro Workout Street Astronomy

End of June. Usually the weather is very toasty along with unstable sky
and high winds. But like most things this year with no normalcy we have a cooler than normal pattern hanging around so here I be with the show of shows to show off to a stellar show malnourished citizenry of my northern NV community. OK get out while the going is good for it could be weeks before I'm able to again! I had plenty of folks stopping by to enjoy the busy ecliptic show; constellations, bright guide stars, and planets. But this trio (L-R) of Wade, Bobby, and Fred made a stop to their vigorous workout routine to participate in something new - willfully submitting themselves to a street astronomy immersion that required some critical and abstract thought, patient observation, and at times a healthy guess! This astro workout challenged all kinds of things and added a little bit of wonder to their lives. Those smiles are the real deal!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

They love the SUG in Beijing!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Are Mrs SUG's Christmas ornaments now unprotected and in many pieces as the SUG has pilfered her ornament storage box for his own astronomical roadshow paraphernalia. Has he no decency.

It is best to peruse his photos closely as there are many hidden treasures as well as secrets.

What 2" filter hides behind the pale pink orb near the orange water bottle?

What exactly is in the SUG's water bottle? Water or some other outreach liquid stimulant?

Is that the SUG's camera case or does it house some secret electronic device that lures the residents of Sparks to his celestial stage?

Did he receive the red and blue milk crates from a local milkman or did the SUG fore go common decency and obtain it nefariously?

Why such a large flashlight... a hiding place for contraband? is there a red filter on it?

Are these three SUG visitors or merely SUG accomplices?

He can be very shifty this SUG... maybe even red shifted at times

Sidewalk Universe said...

It is very obvious that nothing gets past you my friend. No wonder your such a awesome observer! How do I answer the charges laid before me? Guilty of course but it was all for the common good!

Yes that is one of Mrs.SUG's "unused bins"! She now has a nice high quality card board box to hold stuff in.

Yes that is a very special filter which gives this scope unparalleled views of all celestial objects - I have the only one!

The contents of the water bottle are known to heighten the visual acuity and maintain a high energy level required for this type of activity - Mrs.SUG secret mix!

Camera case is the source of all the grainy, mis-focused, blurry, red eyed pics which frequent this blog.

The milk crates were rescued from the dump - and the dairy cows were happy to help support my program in this way!

NO red filter on the large flashlight. I need that light for my modeling and poster presentations. Besides when I drop something I can find it quickly which is often! Yes there is plenty of room in it for a candy bar!

Once again you nailed it - these guys were payed $5 apiece to pose and smile nice. This thing is getting expensive!