Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Before It Gets Too Hot Street Astro

Time to get out this post Fourth of July evening with its cooler than normal temps, breezes, walkers, runners, strollers, bikers, boarders, dogs, skaters, lovers, enemies, families and friends. Hardly set up and a crowd gathered many of which heard about this astronomy guy with his scope and flair for the dramatic. Yes he is for real and everything you have heard is true! One kind lady said " my friend spent sometime with you awhile back and said you made astronomy so much fun and easy to understand - can you do the same for me?" This was a great way to start the evening!
Ashley and her mom Diane had a post 4th blast. Not only did they nail the Saturn Challenge when wind gusts picked up for a short while but get up close and personal with a bunch of the double stars which populate our skies this time of year. Both picked out the subtle colors and magnitude differences with ease.

It is never too late to try something new and gain a unique experience to tell others about. Cris here had a blast with Saturn and all the stellar gems I was able to show off. The Sidewalk Guy's laser Star Comparative opened her eyes and mind to the science of stars, and how their appearance in our skies have influenced culture, faith, and philosophy. So much to this astronomy stuff for anyone who is curious. Cris works with a retirement community and commented that "my seniors would love this!" And to that I said "lets do it!"


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Mr. SUG you are great. Nice to meet you. Paoli from the island of Palua

Drive-by Astronomy said...

You are cool SUG.
Maluka from Bora Bora

Drive-by Astronomy said...

We love you in Somoa. Your friend in the Pacific Big Samuel

Drive-by Astronomy said...

When you come to Bangkok? We celebrate the great SUG.
Your Thai Pal

Drive-by Astronomy said...

How do you do SUG. We admire you here in the polar regions of Finland.

Your astro buddy Markku in Sodankylä in the Lapland region of Finland

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Greetings from the bottom of the world SUG. We celebrate your thinning Northern polar region as well as your outreach efforts here at the McMurdo Station.

South Pole Sal

Drive-by Astronomy said...

The A-S Solar Observatory-Lake Erie Facility sends a big hello to the SUG and commends him on his great outreach efforts.

Your pal
Stan from Kaisertown, Buffalo, NY

Sidewalk Universe said...

Funny how Drive By is the clearing house for all messages sent here!