Friday, September 10, 2010

A Sunday Evening Under the Sky

I had a really fun outing this past Sunday of the holiday weekend. I was invited out to a volunteers BBQ for Manna Cafe which is a outreach of various services to the poor and struggling of Carson City NV. This turned out to be a really awesome time as we had excellent skies and a wonderful group of people which kept me hopping over my 3 hours out under the sky. The time went so fast it felt like I had hardly started. Lots of good interaction, questions, and everyone loved the views and constellation tour toward the end of the evening. What was really fun about this time out was the simplicity of heart and attitude my crowd (no science geeks or scholars here) and the enjoyment that the sky gave to everyone. A joy just to watch the group just take it in and enjoy each others company.

This young lady was totally enraptured by the views through the scope. It is always fun to see how expending gas shells from dying stars ignites the imagination !


Johany said...

I think you got another Sugster in your hands! Great post SUG. It's always so wonderful to hear about your outreaching efforts!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Yes she really enjoyed it all with the exuberance of youth!

Just a nice appreciative group that keep the SUG well fed and energized!

Whats going on with your astronomy Johany?

Johany said...


I am in the process of mapping out what I'm going to want to observe for the night. Easy "Bag and Tag" targets that I can view through my 7x50 binos.

Now if only the weather would comply! The hubby is still planning on getting me an XT10 Dob for xmas this year! I can't wait. As November gets closer beware: I will be plaguing you with many questions about accessories and the like!!! And I will be plaguing Paulie too!

I want some HEOC. I want some HEOC. I want some HEOC. I want some HEOC...

Paulie said...

Ask away at any time, but beware that I might not have the answers. I will try my best though!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Well Johany (soon to be XT10" owner) nice to hear your out and about with the binos and DeepMap 600. We want to hear about what you are seeing blog pal so please chime in when you can!

I am making up a extensive list of "must have" items for you and your scope.

I am working on a HEOC posting!

Johany said...


I CAN'T WAIT to see this extensive list of must have items to see with my scope!!! That is really AWESOME of you!

And I can't wait for some yummy HEOC! Make sure you save Paulie and me a plate! Yum yum... Paulie will be a huge fan of HEOC in no time! I still think you should write a fun HEOC astronomy book! I will buy the first copy!!!