Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday Night Street Astro

I had a really fun program this past Friday and here's some of the happenings:

Allison and dad Paul decided to do the Sidewalk Universe Guy's "Jupiter Challenge" after a short 5 minute presentation of this Solar System giant. Both made the observations with ease along Allison's older brother who was able to pick up on the subtle colors of Jupiter's swirling atmosphere! They were pretty stoked about it all.

Robert came by with his family troop to take in some astro fun and by the smile on his face you would have thought he found some buried treasure. What he did find was the treasure of discovery and a real personal experience with our moon's rugged surface. "I feel like I'm holding it in my hand!" was his response to his first time experience viewing through a scope. Enough said!

Emilee stopped by with Jared and baby Oliver upon the recommendation of Jared's encounter with the SUG a few months back. She was taking in all that the sky was offering her. After nailing the Jupiter Challenge on to Uranus and then the moon. She made quality observations with minimal coaching and was getting hooked very quickly! Can the astronomy bug be contained? NO!

Bundled up and cozy there was hardly a peep from baby Oliver. I wonder if this young family will have a telescope in their future? Based on this evenings exposure to the sky I believe so!


Johany said...

You got them hooked SUG! You've infected them all with the astro bug! You are doing such wonderful outreach to all these people. Keep up the wonderful work there buddy!

It's been raining here every night so no observing. Can one see the Large Saggitarius Star Cloud with 7x50 binos? I'm just curious to see how it would look but haven't had a chance to see because of all this rain! Would love to know what you think!

Paulie said...

How is Uranus going over for you? I'm quite surprised that the little gray dot (sorry, 6" is just not enough aperture to catch any color, although I've had people claim they see green and/or blue) has been a hit. I always preface that it is very small in the eyepiece, is nearly 2 billion miles away, and that most people never see this far-off world. With that understanding, people have been quite impressed. How does it look to you and your visitors, and are they as enthusiastic about it as my spectators?

I'm glad I've followed your advice, and started showing Uranus every chance I get.

Paulie said...

My next obscure and under-observed solar system object will probably be dwarf planet Ceres as it travels above the spout of the Teapot during October, and into the kettle. First I will have to find it for the first time, and then accurately track it for a few days or weeks, as I'm not sure it will present any disk, as Uranus has. What do you think about Ceres?

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Johany you will have no trouble enjoying the LSSC in your 7x50's! It will appear as a wide and long river of stars with clumpy patches. After this you will easily locate the other of the fun clusters that populate that portion of the sky. So when it clears for you go bag n tag them! Many objects on your DeepMap 600 can be seen in your binos!

Hey Paulie the Uranus thing is going real well especially if it is put into context just as you are doing. Again it is really important to me for some education to happen before the view and with that folks are excited to see it. Color is easy even with your 6" but the sky transparency(lack of) can wash it out even with my 8"SCT.

Ceres - WOW! I say do it.......I will attempt to show off comet Hartley 2 this next week.

You are doing a great job in your outreach and having fun. You and Hillary are growing in your love of the sky and it is apparent in your write ups. Hope this continues for you!

Johany said...

Thanks SUG! I can't wait! Rain, rain, go away, come on back another day...