Monday, October 11, 2010

Quickie Sunday Night Outreach

Weather cleared so I got out Sunday night for a fast couple of hours with Luna and Jupiter to show off to the public. My usual haunt was on the quiet side when I first arrived but people started to show up right after I had everything set up - imagine that!

Amanda with her daughters Kayla, Karla were some of the first to stop. Dad was busy securing dogs (large) while these ladies had some fun at the scope. 3day moon views with Crisium sunrise started the juices flowing and at last Jupiter was within grasp to marvel at. Cell phone calls going out to friends and family soon followed as Amanda & Kayla successfully conquered the SUG Jupiter Challenge - not hard at all with reasonable skies, well aligned scope, and the Sidewalk Guy nearby with atlas in hand to guide you on your way! What was really fun was watching and listening to the reactions of others waiting their turn as these two got down to some serious observing! 36 visitors this fine evening out.


Johany said...

36 visitors! That is great SUG!!! I believe that one of the things you enjoy the most out of outreaching is seeing the look of excitement in people's faces as they look through the telescope and see some gem they've never seen before. You are doing such an awesome job! Maybe I'll get to do some outreaching one day like you and Paulie!

Sidewalk Universe said...

I think you will be doing outreach. Once you have your scope and start to discover it is hard to contain it. You are a people person so I expect to see you out there from time to time!

It is fun to do this outreach stuff. Most folks really appreciate the opportunity and the surprise of having a scope available to look threw. In this case Amanda was telling folks on line what she was seeing and commenting how easy it was to view and discover Jupiter's treasures. The people aspect of street astronomy is so much fun!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

I was there and didn't see a thing. Could you have a small buffet setup next time too?
The others seemed to enjoy it however! SUG always puts on a great astro show.

Sidewalk Universe said...

I will work on the buffet line as food and astronomy are a good mix! Now next time Drive By you have to open at least one eye when you view threw the scope!