Friday, October 15, 2010

Midweek Street Astro

"When are you going to be out here again?" is something I tend to hear a lot. For it is a question that implies a good experience was had and curiosity stirred. I do not keep a regular schedule with my outreach due to weather, and the things of life. It is nice to know that folks are looking for me and enjoy their little forays into the cosmos and want to share this experience with other friends and family. I am glad to be a little part of their lives in such a positive way. I try to be out on Thursday, Friday, Sunday evenings (except with full moon) or will try to go out when things are just easily available and interesting to view like this Wednesday evening with our 6 day Luna and Jupiter seen right at dusk.

A day 6 moon is a wonder to behold but this crater duo of Aristoteles/Eudoxes was simply superb in its Lunar morning view with lighted rims, pitch black floors, and surrounding hilltops aglow with sunlight. Lunar eye candy!

Barb, Nigel, and Tammy shared in a wonderful observational experience this evening. Barb is one of my regulars who will always stop and inquire. Her interest grows and she does great P.R. for me encouraging others to stop and look. Tonight her pal Tammy was along the share in the experience. These two made detailed observations of Jupiter and Luna with patience excepting the SUG's challenge to go deeper. With encouragement and resources on hand even first timers can do detailed observes which only helps to foster more and more excitement. Needless to say this night of discovery was not to remain just here so on the phone is Tammy to Nigel who must partake of the show this evening and partake he did. With a rock and roll (he's part of a band) and science bent to life this gent just tears to shreds the SUG Jupiter Challenge. Lunar features where observed with ease and this fellow's zeal for the cosmos was ignited a bit. By the way Nigel has the coolest set of wheels! I had 41 visitors and was not able to leave till 11 p.m. Ok I stuck around by my own choice with lots of later evening viewers as I cannot say no as I'm packing up!


Johany said...

You didn't leave till 11 o'clock? This is WAY past your bedtime! Just kidding. 41 people is an awesome number to behold that night. Just think how many lives you change outreaching with your telescope! Awesome!

ambroseliao said...

There's a nicely exposed crescent moon behind your visitors! :)

Johany said...

I didn't even noticed the crescent moon until ambroseliao pointed it out! Nice looking luna!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Now that was not planned or even noticed til you guys pointed it out! Ambrose has an eye and camera for the moon.

It was past my bed time as my p/t job was waiting in the morning. My latest night 1230 one time!

Paulie said...

"When will you be out again?" "How often do you come out here?" I hear the same things. As my friend Joe says, "Three things have to align: time, weather, and motivation."

All three can be difficult to predict, though. It's good to see you out again, SUG!