Sunday, November 21, 2010

Frost Full Moon Dreaming

This Sunday brings us to another full moon which is called the "Frost Moon". Very timely as my locale has been getting pelted with a bit of pre-winter white stuff and cold windy days and nights! Not sure if the now somewhat sunny skies will hold out to catch this full moon rising later today over my eastern foothills.

If not I will spend another Sunday afternoon & evening dreaming. I am really anticipating doing full moon programs showing simple low power filtered views like this!

No outreach tonight as the winds and cold are sure to keep folks huddled at home (along with me fighting a cold) but it is fun to anticipate the months ahead.

But as I pondered the full moon outreaches Earth Shine came to mind especially when seen with a waxing crescent in the western sky! Using the same low power view point this can really be enjoyed in the early evening sky and even when Luna is waning in our eastern morning skies sharing lighting duties with Sol.

Yes lots of easy and fun opportunities to share our local cosmos with others!


Johany said...

The full moon over here is very beautiful tonight. It had a really cool halo-like fog around it. I hope you feel better SUG. Sip some nice hot tea or coffee and eat some scones or muffins with it and you'll see your cold leaving in no time!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Glad you got to see and enjoy the Frost Moon Johany! I was able to see her thru the intermittent clouds. We too had nice moon halos earlier last week and they are unusual for the fall around here.

I like your Rx!!!!!! I had a big mug of Earl Grey after dinner. I have been mega dozing vitamin c and I am feeling good this Monday morning!

Hey your gonna have a scope soon!!!!!

Paulie said...

Actually, I've been hearing that it was not a frost Moon, but a Blue Moon. Once upon a time, when a season had four full Moons, the third was called a blue Moon to keep the monthly Moons (harvest, hunter's, etc.) in line.!/photo.php?fbid=177033518973916&set=a.108610785816190.15284.100000018067046

Sidewalk Universe said...

So right Paulie! Yes a blue moon but I wanted to place the emphasis on the traditional Nov title with the weather conditions I have been having. But a blue moon indeed!!!!!

Paulie said...

A Frosty Blue Moon, perhaps? :D