Friday, November 5, 2010

HEOC Request

I have been flooded with requests for a long over due Healthy Eating and Observing Club post. With my skies cloudy the Sidewalk Guy is photon and outreach deprived along with a case of aperture fever. Yes this dreaded illness has struck with a vengeance since East Central Minnesota Astronomy Club Jim found gold (speculum more like it) on Astromart and purchased the Leviathan (along with other assorted optical aids) and is sitting under Mag 6 skies enjoying food stuffs and a telescope of a Irish origin.

I am not feeling "healthy" today! No rather I want my taste buds to enjoy some down home cooking and lots of it. Remember friends that the HEOC emphasis is on healthy; either in quality and quantity. Drive By Astronomy my Hamburg NY affiliate stresses the quantity aspect with his pizza and pasta powered astro sessions teamed up with TelVue 101 or the BAA 20" Dob. Lots of photons both color corrected and copious along Italian food(or anything ethnic) piled up on his plate.

So today it is this wonder to behold, and enjoy - the chicken fried steak! This meal has been on my mind now for days and I want one really bad with all its crunchy, savory down home goodness smothered with gravy with fresh ground black pepper on top. Served with blacked eyed peas, mashed spuds, and a couple of fresh biscuits and butter I would be ready for a observation session with this being served up by the chained lady Andromeda ...........

NGC 891 is a ghost like edge on view galaxy that is a fall favorite for me. With it's needlework dark lane and galactic bulge set against the starry background this specter always fills my photon bucket. One night several years back I had the opportunity to enjoy this gem using my 12.5 Dob and a image enhancing eyepiece - kind of a night vision barlow. Well the view was nothing sort of awesome and reviled the view through a 16"-18" scope.

Like the chicken fried steak the experience was filling, and tasty and left me wanting more.

More aperture and another chicken fried steak with the trimmings please!


Johany said...

Yes!!! HEOC is back!!! Yummmmmmy! I always love how you describe the food so deliciously! And I love how nicely it goes hand in hand with astronomy! That's it SUG...I'm so coming over...make sure Mrs. SUG leaves a plate out for me!!!

I never knew you had a 12.5 Dob! Have you ever used it for outreach? Do you still have it?

I can't wait to get more HEOC! Thanks for granting my request!!!

Sidewalk Universe said...

I still have the Discovery 12.5" and in the past I did use it for public events but not street astronomy. This scope is used for personal observing exclusively.

It is a nice scope about 12 years old and it even survived a car crash with minor damage. Lots of fun memories associated with the 12.5".

Look under my July/Aug'09 posting and you can see it.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Check under June '09 for a peek at the 12.5"

Johany said...

I just saw's nice! I saw that you had a black and red one too!

I told the hubby about the package deal from Zhummell, the one with the 16mm eyepiece and Telrad and moon filters. He says it's a lot more money but I told him that if I were to get those other accessories a-la-cart it would cost so much more and eventually I'm going to need those accessories.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed...I think he'll get it for me...wink, wink...I guess we'll see soon enough!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Johany Hubby - she needs this stuff! And who knows you may need it too!!!!!!

Thot Pran said...

That 12.5 inch dob of yours was an inspiration to me. I remember many wonderful views through it that are still burned into my retinas. Some day I hope to have its eyepiece in front of me again.

Ooh, that chicken fried steak looks sooooooo good!! I would love to taste its creamy gravy covered cruch and slam down those mashed potatoes.

Now I have to go and cook some Wheat berries!