Tuesday, November 1, 2011

End Of October Astro Wrap Up '11

It has been a busy astro month for this patio observer & outreach amateur astronomer! Four outreaches over the last two weeks and numerous personal observes have filled my astronomy tank nicely. I am looking forward to Nov'11! Sept was a bust weather wise but October has been awesome with warm days, cool nights, and generally favorable conditions. My outreaches have enjoyed the warm sunshine with great Solar activity, and a SUG tan to enjoy!

The prior waning moon was a joy to behold with super edge views due to Luna's tilting action. Early morning patio views were easy to get up for due to the ultra dry air, cool temps, and outstanding views. With too many fine views to recount this pic sums it up nicely with the Pythagoras & Babbage show in the northern Lunar frontier! Oh of course Jupiter was observed with transits, occultations, eclipses , Red Spot transits observed.

I was busy throughout the month bagging and tagging doubles all over our sky. Aquarius, Pegasus, Aries, Cassiopeia, Perseus were places of observation. I also had a wonderful observe this past Sunday evening in the little fowl Equuleus which is galloping near Pegasus. I really enjoy the obscure and this tiny constellation is a double star hunters challenge with tight pairs. Navigating this pony required patience as most of it's "guide" stars where on the threshold of my vision with fall haze being most unwelcome! But the horse must be ridden and off I went into the celestial corral and was rewarded immensely for my efforts.

Epsilon Equ is the easiest to bag for the average observer and a wonderful treat it is with pale yellow primary and blue second!

Outreach on the driveway for Halloween evening closed out my month. Mrs.SUG/PUG/and this night DUG decided to run the show. On the phone with work related things and a call to mom she also handed out candy, astro treats, shared outstanding lunar and Perseus Double cluster views, organized the crowds, and kept me at bay.

Tonight was her night to shine as only she can doing many things at once!


Johany said...

Mrs. SUG is in the house!!!! You go girl!!!

Very nice post SUG!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Thanks Johany! She was in the house for sure!

I sent a reply to your question and the Handbook posting - to lengthy to post here!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Nice work on your continued outreach work Richie. SOrry I couldn't join you for the double star observe.

Yes Mrs. SUG is in the house as Mr. Sug lives in the garage with all his telescope gear.

Hey Johany when we going to hear some observing reports from you?
Hope youre getting out with your scope.
Although this has not been a good weather observing season for us in western NY>