Friday, December 2, 2011

End of Nov"11 Astro Stuff

I had my final session with Sierra NV Journey's Teacher's Workshop this Tuesday with our topic being Luna!

These teachers worked hard and put their hearts into everything! Modeling, observations, problem solving & presentation skills were covered. Great group to work with!

Saturday past while doing fall yard work there was a fine Sun Dog display to be enjoyed. Here is the eastern dog with arcs. The western one was hidden. I have been generally clouded out these last weeks. Wednesday eve looked promising till 80mph winds showed up!
And finally this is a book I have been wanting to read. I really like Dava Sobel's writing skills and research - amazing. I cannot recommended this read enough to shed the light of history upon events 400 years ago. Truly Science Faith Love melded together!

The last 10 pages were very moving. What was was played out is seen in the lives of the major players: devotion, heart felt dialogue and passion, nature's revelations, reverence, respect, and time as the great equalizer of everyone/everything.

Truly astronomy touches the human spirit and experience in many ways!

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