Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2-24-08 Stellar Life Cycle Street Astro

Our 3 week blast of winter has abated for a while.....time to get out and do some street astronomy - besides personal observing! I have really looked forward to doing a series of sessions on the Stellar Life Cycle because it is all displayed out there for us to see and ponder right now with our fabulous winter skies! Orion's Star Factory, Star Clusters, Stellar Giants and picturesque Binaries, Taurus's Crab Nebula and Pleaides, Gemini's middle age Star Clusters and the Eskimo Planetary. So much to show the public and capture their imagination with. Sandra and Salvador saw it all! Sandra had some astronomy in her primary school overseas, but it never really connected with her - now she had the opportunity to see it for herself. What a difference to really see this stuff and connect with the universe in a personal way.

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Astronomy Rocks at the Valley said...

Hi Richard. We've been pretty much shut down here in Western NY due to weather conditions. Looks like you had another enjoyable public observing session. I've only been out myself a few times over the last 2-3 weeks. I did get a look at comet Lulin as well as some solar observing. I was hoping to show the kids at least comet Lulin and Venus but our Wednesday night skies have been a bit dreary.
I did do an impromptu astronomy demonstration at our local museum in Buffalo on the 2/14/2009 but once again the sun did not shine for our solar rooftop observation session. Hope your skies clear. Regards, Mike