Friday, February 27, 2009

2-27-09 Venus and Luna Embrace Street Astro

This was not to be missed - two of the brightest objects in our Earthly skies after our Sun in a convenient display to be enjoyed and pondered. I had 36 visitors before the sky closed it's curtain on this display . What an opportunity to share the gospel of universe - simple alignments that are soooooo noticeable and raises all kinds of questions like:

"What is it?" " Are the Moon and Venus always lined up like that - are they always in the same phase together?" "Is this a sign foretelling of something really important?" People were running over to my little station tonight - no time for people pics just views through the scope , modeling, and fielding questions - gotta love it! This is a pic of our Sunset with Venus and Luna behind the clouds - can you see them? I can't!


NiteSkyGirl said...

Gospel of the universe ! good one!
prowling the universe is more like it lol
the link you asked for is ..

That's the guy there who said ..whatever he said you wanted to see. lol .. bedtime getting batty after a long but fun astro day :)~
i posted 2 night sky pics i took .

NiteSkyGirl said...

hey sidewalk universe guy again , just uploaded a beginner stargazing story you might like because you show people the night sky too .