Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2-03-09 Pleiades And Luna Waltz Street Astro

"If you set it up, they will come!" Given the opportunity to peer through a scope and to have some astronomy education is something most folks will take up on. The key is to take advantage of astronomical events, good weather and be ready to engage to public in creative interactive ways! Some of the simplest things like today's occultation open up a world of discovery to the public were they can participate and observe first hand nature's happenings. There was a bunch of energy with this group! "Does the Moon do this all the time? "How far away are the Pleiades." "Does the Moon ever cover a planet?" "Just how big are those craters?" "I just saw the Moon cover one of the stars!" "Those mountains are really cool!" Faye is the lady with the white coat in the middle of the pic. She stopped by early on and we had a wonderful discussion about astronomy and her life experiences in Alaska and Guam. She loves the sky and is active in trying to get her neighbors out of the house to see them! In her travels around the world with her late husband she has had the opportunity to view the sky from several hemispheres and in Alaska very rarely saw them because of clouds! Thank you Faye for the fun conversation and your excitment over todays event!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic website Richard!:)
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Ed Murray

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hi Ed, thanks for your nice comment and for visiting here!