Saturday, January 31, 2009

1-30,31-09 There's A Bunch To See Street Astro

This has really been a fun series of outings. I ended up with a total of 142 visitors over the four evenings. Some for their second time like Jen and Jerry here. Jerry is a semi-retired, and has worked for OSHA in various industries. His work has taken him around the world and he has great insight and wisdom from his experiences! Jerry's smile, friendly demeanor, and encouragement to me and my guests is greatly appreciated . You will hear about Jen later.

I am very fortunate that the weather has been great to do these programs. People have been awed by the views of various star clusters, star-birth nebula, Luna and Venus. Many stopped their workout routines around the Marina and came over to learn. Many stayed for a least 15 minutes to not only look but engage in modeling and poster presentations. Parents really like the free CD's the kids got to take home with them. Mission accomplished!

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