Thursday, January 8, 2009

Assorted Ramblings

It's 5:00 a.m. My body won't move, but my brain is already overloaded...

Why am I so ocd about astronomy outreach - I am always thinking about it. I am always looking for excuses - reasons to do it. How can I do it better? What can I add to my programs? Is the weather good enough for me to a program today? Do I still have a family and other responsibilities that need my attention?

"There are other things in life you know." Really?

Interesting encounters of the spiritual kind with some of my visitors:

" Do you know that all our ancestors came from Venus? "
" I can tell that you love the universe, but you need to be more spiritually connected to it."
" The Earth was shifted from it's original position in the center of the universe after the fall of Adam and Eve."
" If you go to Stonehenge you will feel its power". ( Ok, I will do that as soon as I can move.)

And finally:

"Time to get up and be ocd, I have two new outreach kits from NASA to go through!"

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