Thursday, January 8, 2009

Luna - Venus Street Astro 1-07-08

Our fantastic weather continues and so do I. I am glad that I did. These sessions out with the public are just getting better all the time. In two and a half hours, I had 56 visitors with excellent interaction and fun conversation. There were plenty of smiling faces! This gentleman in the picture spent twenty minutes on the lunar surface doing crater surveys - he was picking out very fine details in their structure and layout. He commented to me that he never thought he would be able to do what he just did. He went away awed and very moved to say the least. My guests overall are receptive to learning about the Lunar/Venusian phases. I had a group of eight visitors glued to a interactive simulation of "Venus: Evening and Morning Star" done with a flashlight, inflatable Earth and Styrofoam ball. I especially would like to thank my son, Beau, for the photography.


ambroseliao said...

It must have been fun to have such an enthusiastic visitor! Great shot of the moon too. Ambrose

Sidewalk Universe said...

It was. Visitors like this keep me plenty motivated. He was genuinely excited and thrilled by this experience. My son is just learning some basic photography, and your comment encouraged him. Thanks!

NiteSkyGirl said...

How nice to read! very enjoyable !!
I wanted to stop by and read what you have posted and it's nie to know another super enthusiastic astronomy buff.
i'm enjoying your comments on my planets page and how you share observing tips!! I'm hoping more people get aboard.
I have a new page you might like , you can link to it on my latest post.