Thursday, January 29, 2009

1-29-09 We Have A Bunch To See Street Astro Part 2

Onward with this weeks epic adventure in Astronomy Outreach Education. Tonight was a little cooler and windier than the last. My teaching posters had wings tonight - almost ending up in the lake several times so I had to retire them for the evening. I felt so lost without my posters - they really help my guest to understand important basic concepts and they really capture the imagination quickly. But there are other tools I can use to engage the public. Like in this picture of Debbie who was one of my 34 visitors tonight. I have seen this phenomenon before - Astronomical Rapture! Talk about excitement, she learned how to navigate the night sky with a starwheel and proper flashlight, and with the help of active modeling she was able to comprehend the changing seasonal sky due to Earth's revolution and spin. She was now equipped to explore the constellation studed sky with confidence. Her goals are to learn it for herself and then share it with her extented family! She left in a state of bliss that was a joy to behold. I guess that I did not need my posters tonight anyway!


Laurel said...

Thank you for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I'm following your blog for a couple of reasons. First, you seem to be so enthusiastic about astronomy. I like makes life a whole lot brighter. The fact that you donate your time and knowledge in order to educate others is simply awesome. Second, my 12-year-old son is obsessed with astronomy. He has some learning disabilities and difficulty reading, but he will read anything that has to do with space. And he has an amazing memory for facts and figures of things that interest him. So, I'm using your blog as an educational tool for him. Hope you don't mind.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Your son and I have much in common. I started in astronomy at 9 years old. I also have a learning disability which has made it difficult for me to pursue higher education but has NEVER held me back from self-education! I use what I have which is the gift of gab, info retention, love of my fellow human beings and a passion for the universe! I like to invest in the lives of others.....this is a big motivator for me! If we are weak in one arena we are strong in another! Your son's obsession with astronomy will open doors of opportunity and provide a lifetime of enjoyment! If I can help inspire him I am just thrilled to do so!