Saturday, January 17, 2009

1-16-09 Venus - Orion Wonders Street Astro

Well after 3 days of doing personal astronomy and getting recharged it was time to go back to outreach. Our wonderful weather continues so let's take advantage of it! I did not have the normal number of visitors with this outing, but the quality of the encounters was awesome. We continued our view of a beautiful Venus and modeled it's course with the inflatables for our guests - it was really fun to see the excitement of discovery upon the faces of our visitors! Venus the Morning/Evening Star, Superior/Inferior conjunctions, and the transit of 2012 all modeled. "Are you going to be here to watch the 2012 transit and show the rest of us"? I certainly hope so! We than turned our sites over to Orion in the east. Double stars, star nurseries, bought much delight to the public and opened discussion about how stars form. This fun group in the picture could not peel themselves off the telescope. The adults here loved the "bambino" stars! I had a total of 28 visitors, and lots of astronomy cd's went with them to ogle at home!


NiteSkyGirl said...

Sometimes it's good to get yourself reconnected / keep connected to astronomy. It's easy to share it but your soul still needs you to share it with yourself.
Taking time out keeps you connected and when teaching or speaking about astronomy from your own experiences helps the people learn how to connect.

speaking of they sure look happy!!
by the way i have a new comet lulin update and about my older posts about it have been moved to my comet page. The new post called ' comet Lulin ' redirect you there and the post under it should be enjoyable. I enjoyed working on it.

are you planning on sharing the comet with your street stargazer gang?

Sidewalk Universe said...

I have lot's different ideas brewing in my brain about how/when to do outreach such as street astronomy. As the comet brightens I would sure like to show it off! The main issue is the early a.m hours. I'm thinking about my local Starbucks which my teen son is employed. They get a bit of before dawn traffic. Comet and Coffee such a deal! I am also considering a.m Lunar sessions as we get into spring. The waning Moon must be made known. :)

I had a great time of reconnection! My photon bucket is full!

NiteSkyGirl said...

i have a new comet for you to wait for on my page LOL

Sidewalk Universe said...

Thanks for the continued torture NSG! You know the sky is blocked when you can't even see the Moon or Venus!