Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sparks Marina Street Astro Jan 3-4 2009 Extra Value Deal

You may be asking just what is a "Extra Value Deal" anyway? Well, sometimes the universe and nature just dishes out assorted happenings at one time that must be observed, studied, and pondered. For example, this weekend Quarter Moon and Perihelion were some happening astronomical events. Folks who stopped by my little side show these last two days got just that. How about a short, easy to understand, inquiry based astro lesson that is fun, fast, really cool. Here is the menu - Moon viewing with expert guided tour and your choice of:
-Modeling of Lunar Phases with inflatables
-Lunar Phases and personal important dates
with the Moon Phase calculator
-Reason for the Seasons modeling with inflatables
-Perihelion/Aphelion modeling with inflatables
-Safe Solar viewing
-Inflatable modeling of the Sun/Earth/Moon System
-Brief history of Galileo's observations of the Sun/Moon
-Sun/Earth scale model exercise and handout

All this and more for just fifteen minutes of your time and willingness to explore. And also very convenient- this was program took place between the hours of 2-4:30pm under sunny skies with clear brisk air! We had ninety visitors over the two sessions. Most partook of at least two items!

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