Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sparks Marina New Year's Eve Street Astro

Astronomy outreach education has allowed me to meet great locals and out of towners from all over the country. This is Dr. Karimah Adisa Thomas. She and her husband Jonathan were visiting Reno for the weekend, and came down to the Marina to run their very BIG dog. Dr. Thomas is an educator but has had little exposure to astronomy. She was glued to the telescope, and after some help from the Astro Guy was navigating around the surface of the Moon like a pro picking off features left and right! After viewing Venus we discussed Galileo's observations of the Moon and Venus, and the science of the Lunar/Venusian phase cycles. We also modeled with the inflatables how the Moon only showes us one face all the time. Dr. Thomas, thank you for making my evening so worthwhile!

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