Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5/19/08 How Big Is This Thing Street Astro

I once again at last minute decided to do a outreach and things worked out pretty good. I really like to be as prepared as possible with a quality presentation and solid data base so my guests can really learn and enjoy the universe and it's wonders. But when it is said and done it is about people not me. It is not what I know or present but it is about providing for my peeps a chance to smile and enjoy gift of nature.

Amanda and Daniel stopped by early on and were hooked right for the start. Daniel could not get his eye off Saturn! Questions flowed about all sorts of astronomical things. They participated in 2 modeling exercises and listened intently as I worked with other visitors. The needs of their little daughter required them to head home but they will be back to learn of the Moon when we start that again! I had 57 visitors over a 3 hour time slot. I am out later with the longer days and we have many mid-evening walkers who have not seen the astro guy yet. More folks to hook and reel in on this astronomy stuff!


The Urban Astronomer said...

Amazing that you have such large crowds. Do you generally set up in the same places every time?

The Night Sky Network resources sound really good. I need to get into that more. I am hosting a star party on Friday and I better have my game on!


Sidewalk Universe said...

Hi Paul, thank goodness all these folks do not show up at that same time! But over the course of a few hours the numbers can add up. I have 2 different locations that I go too at the Sparks,Nv Marina. These are people out for a evening of biking or walking. I always have new folks every time I am out. And I am now getting a bit of a reputation - people hear about my project from others and then are excited to run into me - cool!

The NASA Night Sky Network is a wonderful project to be a part of. Quality outreach materials and a sense of mission with other like minded amateur astronomers.

Drive-by Astronomy said...

A bit of a reputation? You're too modest. My goodness, people even know of you in western NY..........well at least I do and my wife a little bit. Keep up the great astronomy outreach "SUG"!

I've been having some trouble fitting in some outreach lately with my schedule. I have to hit the pavement again soon with scopes in tow.

I did have a beautiful evening observing the 1+ day old crescent moon set over Lake Erie the other day.


Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Mike, it was a pretty 1 day crescent - the Earth shine was really awesome. I did a quick bino view of Luna last night and just wished I had taken the time to set up a scope. Gonna try to do a program tonight "Luna and the Twins"courtesy of our friend Paul "The Urban Astronomer". Off of this we can cover the Moon, constellations, the ecliptic, star types and life cycle, the list goes on and on!