Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gruithuisen Mons and Saturn Street Astro

After a long string (for us here in N.Nv) of winter like weather it was out to show off of some Solar System delights near and far. Near we have lunar land forms which at their local daybreak show excellent relief, symmetry, and shadows. One of these this night were the Gruithuisen Domes which are tall dome like mountain massifs around 20 km in diameter and 1860 m in height which are seen right of center in the picture. These are large pieces of real estate! Along with the Jura Mt's - Sinus Iridium, and sunrise on the Aristarchus crater rim my visitors where treated to some fun lunar sights! Far we have the Solar Systems top dog Saturn with it's intrepid icy moons. Discussions arose over ring origins and the Solar System flip book helped my guest to understand the major differences between our Moon and Saturn's little army of icy orbs. It was nice out be out again with the public! I had 28 visitors for my short stay before the winds picked up.

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