Friday, May 8, 2009

Luna Tilting Act 5/07/09

Before I packed up my belongings last night I took a few minutes to enjoy the wonderful tilting action of our Moon which allows us to see about 59% of the Lunar surface. Last nights eastern tilt was spine tingling to a lunar observer like me! On the very edge you will see Mare Marginis (L) and the ancient Mare Symthii Basin(R) with it's impact origin rim right on the lunar edge!. Can you see kitty's smiling face near Marginis? This astronomy thing always delivers the goods for me - how about you?


The Urban Astronomer said...

I am working on learning some of the bigger features of the Moon, Richard, but I've never noticed the kitty before.

My wife thinks that it looks more like an evil badger than a smiling kitty. Too much Monty Python lately!

Sidewalk Universe said...

I think we should develop a Lunar Mare "ink blot" test to psychoanalyze our minds.

I wonder what the significance of a evil badger is? Who or what does it represent? You may want to discuss this with your Mrs!

Drive-by Astronomy said...

Great stuff as always. Love the "Kitty Face". Never have seen that before. I'm enjoying the moon more each time I observe it!

I'd be a little reluctant to do the Lunar Ink blot test. Don't do it Richie you're not a trained professional and you might not like the outcome! Better for us astro-geeks not know for certain that we're a bit different than to remove all doubt. It's best for your family to leave it alone 8^)

Sidewalk Universe said...

Mike I will return all the psychology books I just checked out at the library and I will avoid all attempts to delve into fields I am not trained in!

Have I told you about the faces I see in the lunar craters?

Drive-by Astronomy said...

This scares me because I think I'm starting to see these things too.