Friday, May 21, 2010

New Outreach Aids

I found these recently at the local community college. They are a laminated tri-fold presenting the basic of the universe. Sometimes in my outreaches it is fun to have folks for themselves read or research the answer to their questions - this is a major component of the inquiry method that I use with my street astronomy. You should see the look on the faces of my visitors when I hand them a easy to read resource and flashlight! Yes when you visit my outpost you get to look but you pay the price with a little effort on your part to learn and engage. This will normally stimulate more questions and on and on we go with a quick look turning into a education time. One thing too is that sometimes it is hard for me to remember facts, numbers, distances etc. Handy resources take the pressure off and I seem less like a know it all. I try to use a variety of materials at any given time to fit the need of the great diversity of folks I encounter.

I have missed my outreach here the last 6 days or so due to funky not so spring weather........

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Paulie said...

I think I have something similar, but I may have given it away. I'm going to find out if I have one still, and if not, I really need to pick up a new one. Thanks for the reminder!