Saturday, May 8, 2010

OJ Taking Shape

OJ the intrepid vintage C8 is slowly getting ready for his outreach debut. Last week I had two kind folks give me donations in appreciation for my efforts in bringing the universe to the public. These went to OJ's new light shield and 2" diagonal.

Next up is a power supply and converter that he will need to run his drive motors. One of OJ's desires (OK mine too) is for a Thousand Oaks Prominence Filter setup which will allow for super Solar Prominence views at f30. Up close and personal for the photon deprived masses. A white light filter is also on the list to show Sunspots, Beaches, Limb Darkening and Solar Granulation.

But for now some personal viewing as OJ gathered the light of a waning crescent moon in my dust layered morning skies. Nice sharp views, and easy to look through with the 2" format. OJ and I are anticipating fun outreach sessions with the public.

OJ's gonna deliver the goods while the Sidewalk Universe Guy banters away with the curious public!


The Urban Astronomer said...

You are amazing, Richard. The citizens of Reno and Sparks should create a statue of you and your telescope to honor your contribution to your community. Seriously. Someday if we can co-host a star party I will be honored.

OJ looks great!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Paul nice to see you again!

Seriously I visited your page earlier today and wanted to listen to your last broadcast but house work was calling. Thanks for your kind words and it means a lot coming from you.

I'm not sure how I feel about pigeons roosting on me.......

It would be fun to do a outing together. Sometimes I see you in my mind on the roof of the science center or near the coast showing off stuff - neat. Are you going to make your yearly sojourn to Tahoe?

It was kinda funny how OJ came to me. He is old but in excellent condition! The owner was thrilled that he has a good home and I just love his color scheme. I hope to have him out next month.