Monday, August 9, 2010

August Outreach Start Up

I am looking forward to hitting the sidewalks again within the next couple of weeks. Our summer continues cooler than normal so for the most part our skies have offered good/fair viewing conditions. I am anticipating some fun outreaches this late summer and fall with Jupiter in our evening skies. There will be Jupiter Observation Challenges and dancing moons to explore! Who will push their imagination and risk take at the telescope?

Uranus will be getting a significant viewing time this late summer and fall season also. With it being nearby Jove in our line of sight along the ecliptic this is a perfect time to show off this mispronounced and misunderstood Ice Giant Planet. Oh the wonders of it's tilted over spin axis and Shakespearean named moons. This world has always captured my imagination and I will be doing my best to make sure my visitors get the same level of fascination! Oh yes you will be infected!

I can not wait for the show to begin!


Paulie said...

I've seen Uranus twice, both this summer, and I'm looking forward to seeing it quite a few more times while it's relatively easy to find near Jupiter. I don't think I'll be showing it at any public functions though. In my little go-to it won't be impressive (not that it will show great in my Dob), and in the Dob it might be a lot of work keeping it aligned. I could be persuaded to show it a few times, if some experienced astronomers think it's worth the effort (hint, hint).

Sidewalk Universe said...

Oh Paulie just imagine the looks and responses you will get from the public as they view this far flung world. Just seeing it is a treat!

Give it a go and show it off!

Last year I was showing off distant Neptune - only a tiny turquoise dot in the inky blackness.

THEY LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Presentation is everything. Be a bit of a showman/salesman at the scope....seriously! Stir the imagination before they view. Most will walk away with a experience to remember!

Paulie said...

Yeah, even as I was writing my comment I was thinking how Chicago Astronomer Joe Guzman advised me to point out Mercury at every opportunity, and Uranus will be better than Mercury. I will give it a try, and hopefully have some success. The hard part will be locating it in the first place, but if I can find it, I will show it.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Paulie go to Sky&Telescope's web site and you can down load a chart to easily locate Uranus & Neptune.

Remember there are no small views - only small minds! (and hearts too!)

Paulie said...

I will do that!