Monday, August 16, 2010

International Observe The Moon Night

September 18th millions? world wide will be exposed to the wonders of our nearest neighbor in space. I plan on being a part of it. Sometimes I think it is always Observe the Moon Night! But I am glad that this effort was organized and with it another opportunity to do some fun community service.

And this will be my view of the moon on this date by the time my home world spins around enough for me to see her! I can hear my visitors questions and wows already! I will more than likely do a 2 scope setup with one being a nice wide field low power view and another for those who will take up on the SUG Lunar Challenge! I will be encouraging folks to navigate this orb and get to know her treats for the eye!


Paulie said...

I' SO hoping for good weather that night. A couple weeks ago I was thinking about spearheading something similar, and then I found InOMN on Facebook, so they've saved me a lot of work!

I just joined the Calumet Astronomical Society, and I'd like to get them involved in InOMN. I don't know how they'll receive it, since when I mentioned at last wee's meeting that I was doing a ballpark lunar observation, nobody seemed interested. A brand new member walks in and presents a great opportunity for outreach (and a ballgame too!)and not a hint of enthusiasm. I wanted the club to share the glory of my effort, since I pointed out that I didn't need another telescope, but would appreciate another astronomer in case things were really busy.

I'm going to get CAS more involved with sidewalk astro, or my membership won't last long. Mini-rant over.

I hope InOMN is a success for you, and for all sidewalk astronomers around the world.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Some clubs can get really stuck, or maybe they are burned out on outreach themselves. Astro clubs are funny things. There tends to be a pecking order too along with whatever attitudes. Do not let any negative hold you back as your enthusiasm will rub off somewhere. I can work just fine alone but I have someone here (later posting) who maybe joining me in outreach once in a while.

Years ago I was involved heavily with one of the local clubs and got a lot done during those years but it was up hill for a while!

Looking forward to hearing about your INOMN!

Paulie said...

My involvement in CAS is going to be a positive experience for me no matter what, but I already know I can go it alone, so if I encounter resistance to my ideas just because they're from a newbie, then I'm outta there when my year is up. I'm hoping I'll be around for awhile. I think it could be a mutually beneficial situation.