Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 2011 SUG Solar Program And Meetup Suburban Sky Explorers

Will here we are at the cusp of a new year and already things for this outreach minded amateur astronomer are showing steady and exciting momentum!

The Meetup Reno Suburban Sky Explorers has 2o members (several couples) that want to do some observational astronomy! I seem to be attracting the type of folks I hoped would join - folks with a interest in astronomy but little experience with it. My first Meetup is this Sunday. It will be a kind of ice breaker event with some Luna and Jupiter viewing with a couple of surprises thrown in. Weather (of course) maybe a issue.

I am excited to be kicking off the Sidewalk Universe Guy's Solar Outreach also as a part of my Sidewalk Universe Program! A key component to this arrived today via a generous donation (I will tell more about this on a future posting ) which will allow me to show off Sol's total white light spectrum safely and with exquisite detail besides being very easy in a 2 inch format for most folks to look through! This Baader Planetarium Herschel Wedge is state of the art and so well thought out. It will work great on CR150 showing very detailed granulation, sunspot fiberals, plagues etc. No more front end mounted filter - just clear aperture along with a built in solar finder! Here's the wedge:

Here is what it can do - this is gonna be fun!!!!!!


Johany said...

You are going to have so much fun this Sunday! Make sure you have some Center of Disease Control staff are going to infect them all with the Richard Astro Bug! I wish I could be there with Riddick! Please make sure to post what went on on Sunday! Would love to hear all about it! :)

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Johany the CDC has been placed on notice!

I am pleasantly surprised with the response I have had so far. This astronomy thing is not that popular in the colder months but there are folks who want to do this stuff!

I really enjoy working with beginners and I am going to have some fun moving them forward and the joy of watching their growth. If I can get 5-8 to show per Meetup event I will be pleased!

I am grateful for the kind support that I have received from you, Paulie, and Swagger Astro Buffalo. I will be posting the Meetups here with my fuzzy pics and dazzling writing!

Wish you 3 were here - we would have a stellar time!

Paulie said...

I'm sure you know what you're doing, but I am going to raise the issue of caution anyway. I have heard that it is not good to use back end filters for solar viewing. Even if it is safe for the eyes, won't the sunlight cook the optics? I'm curious to know how the system works.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Here you go Paulie you can read all about it!

These units are very safe. Thanks for your concern and for looking out for me!

Sidewalk Universe said...

I forgot to mention ECMAC Jim Williams as a voice of encouragement to me concerning outreach.

Years ago we were part of the local astronomy club as I was venturing out from under my rock attempting to do serious outreach to the public.

He was there as I learned the ropes and learned to work better with my limitations - he always encouraged me to use what I have and to connect with people first as the priority of my outreach.

I respect Jim as he is very smart but very friendly. He is a successful person on a lot of different levels and is very genuine.

I want to say all this for the voices of my long distance blog pals adds to my life and moves me forward!

Paulie said...

"Connect with people first as the priority of my outreach."

I think I was lucky to realize that early on, and I'm not exactly a "people person." I don't think anybody who knows me outside of astronomy would describe me that way. But I have to connect with people if I want them to listen, so in this way at least, astronomy has made me a better person.

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