Monday, January 17, 2011

Meetup Reno Suburban Sky Explorers Update

We are kicked off and I am very excited by it all. Though my first event was weather challenged there was lots of enthusiasm and folks want to do the astronomy thing. In spite of the cold, wind and general gloominess of the day there were smiles galore and anticipation for clear skies ahead! I had 9 SSE's in attendance besides the vicarious attendance of my blog pals!

I did a general presentation on "Earth Our Moving Observation Platform" and one on telescopes. Folks seemed very glued to it all! Here's our Polar Dancing Line!

Tom and I got in a tussle as to who moves the Earth!

SSE'r Kellie is ready to go with this nice 6"Orion StarBlast scope.

And of course SUG shows his budding astronomers how to finger print your optics this way everyone knows this scope is yours!


Johany said...

I really wish I was there! You guys had a GREAT time!!! :)

Sidewalk Universe said...

It was a nice time! There seems to be some energy with the group right now - anticipation for the next event and traffic on the SSE site. Folks are signing up for the upcoming Meetups and posting pics/comments!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

Richie, you and your group are going to have too much fun without me. I told my wife I'm moving to Reno...she wasn't too concerned either.

Hey Johany I hope you didn't get buried with too much snow.You probably haven't had much opportunity to get that great new scope out.

Sidewalk Universe said...

I am not sure Drive By if this group of eager learners is ready for the likes of your "swagger which staggers".

They have enough on their plates handling SUG's endless banter and enthusiasm.

But they are determined to learn and have some fun in the process.

Johany said...

Hi Drive-By,

If you move to Reno I'll move too! I just told SUG that I have not had a chance to take my scope out. The weather has been awful! We got hit with so much snow and even now it's freezing rain outside!

The curse of the new scope....

Paulie said...

I'm impressed with the response you've had so far, being January and all, and that the first session was clouded out. Even more fun will be had when those telescopes are pointed out to the cosmos, and the connections start getting deeper. Keep it up!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Thanks Paulie! Movement forward and some good experiences under the sky are key now!