Saturday, March 14, 2009

3-12,13-09 Virginia Lake - Reno Street Astro

Another fun series of outings - we totaled 92 visitors over the 3 evenings. Not bad. As I was packing up last night I had 2 cars pull up - heard about this astronomy stuff going on and just had to check it out - the word is getting out! The Tanna family really enjoyed this unexpected treat as they were taking a family walk. Mrs. Tanna in the purple coat even went to her nearby home and quickly prepared some wonderful vegetarian wraps for us to enjoy - thank you, they were terrific. Burp!

Robert, in the extreme left of the pic came out for all 3 sessions and was learning quickly. He will be purchasing a scope soon to enhance his view of the cosmos. As his new hobby matures maybe he will help me share views with the public?


Astronomy Rocks at the Valley said...

Sounds like you're developing quite the fan club- "Richard's Astro-Groupies" Nice to have a little food arrive while observing too. We had a beautiful day on the roof of the Buffalo Museum of Science today for Solar SUNday Part 1.
Just got in from doing 2 hrs. of personal observing. Wonderful night in Western NY. Have a great week!

Sidewalk Universe said...

It was a fun evening - the Tanna clan just took everything in and were truly appreciative about their experience.

I like the idea of SUNday - I want to do solar programs here but I need to save for a H-Alpha scope. I have all the teaching materials in place, just need the scope.

Glad you had the opportunity to do some personal observing - what did you look at?

Astronomy Rocks at the Valley said...

Sorry I have to whisper. My wife doesn't know about The 60mm Coronado dedicated H-alpha scope that I got last summer. It's one thing she knows that is rather expensive in the astro gear department. I did get it when they were selling for $1999. She does give me a curious look when I walk in the house with a small little black telescope case. I'm going to give it a little more time so I can say "this old thing, I got this little scope quite a few years ago. I'm not exactly sure when though. Its a fun little scope to use from time to time. I actually forget I have it sometimes."(Do I have a chance with this line?)
It sure has been a blast having it however. Its great being able to do astronomy during the day. Only a few members in our club have H-alpha scopes or filters.
I observed form my office parking lot which is about 2miles from where I live. Its fairly light polluted so I usually stick with the brighter objects. But viewing was better that usual for this location.
I think I recall observing these-- Venus, Saturn(I still love looking at the planets), Canis Major: M41, a dbl. star know as the "Winter Alberio", Lepus: Hind's Crimson Star, Puppis: M46/47,93, ngc2423, Auriga: M36/37/38, Orion: M42, Cancer: M44/67, Monoceros: ngc 2301, Cass:ngc436 "the Owl or ET", and the Dbl cluster in Perseus. It was a great couple hours.

Sidewalk Universe said...

I had access to a 40mm Coronado a few years back and that was even a blast to look through. I'm not sure how your line will go over with the Mrs. How about some how making the scope "hers" - and you get to use it every now and then!

Sounds like a nice late winter observe there - I have not looked at Hind's this year to see how bright it is.