Saturday, August 29, 2009

8-27-09 Galileo Experience #2 Street Astro

Fun session once again with lots of curious and energetic visitors. Even with the assault of intermittent clouds and smoke from a fire down in Yosemite CA which decided to move in just as I was setting up we managed a fun time for my visitors of which there were 47. Lots of fun responses over Jupiter and the Mendez clan in the pic here really picked over my brain about the Solar System, nature of stars, planets, and Pluto's reclassification!

I think everyone should understand Jupiter's interior structure and the nature of Hydrogen gases under enormous pressures, temperatures, densities, don't you?


Drive-by Astronomy said...

I want to know what makes the SUG tick... What does he have inside him that keeps him going? SUG do you have an enormous amount of gas and pressure inside you too?

Sidewalk Universe said...

Oh yes, lots of gas and pressure along with high heat!

I think the big thing for me with all of this outreach is the connection with people - I really enjoy this. I do not see my outreach as a thing of trying to show off knowledge, but one of service, mission, and just sharing in life with those around me. 95% OF THE TIME IT IS A JOY AND NOT A CHORE!