Saturday, August 29, 2009

8-28-09 Educator Enrichment Astronomy Time

I have not done any educator oriented things for quit sometime when Sierra Nevada Journey's contacted me a few weeks back to work with some of there educators on sky navigation/constellations/Lunar phase cycle I jumped on the opportunity to do so. What a fun time we had! This group was not prepared as to much is involved with the changing sky above us. But after 3 hours of exposure to SUG-RADIATION as my pal Drive By Astronomy calls it, and active hands on involvement they had a greater confidence, and knowledge base to lead their young charges to tackle the patterns of the sky. Next up with this fun group of high energy educators will be a lesson on employing the IYA GALILEOSCOPE and just what fun, simple observations can be made with it! Time to WOW some youngsters!

Thanks Adam for the opportunity, and your awesome organizational skills! (Lower -R)


Oleson said...

Awesome, thanks Rich for doing this.

Drive-by Astronomy said...

What a great organization you were able to help educate on astronomy Richie. They look and sound like an amazing bunch of dedicated young people. I'm sure they are now excited about educating their young student on the skies above. Officially now SUG disciples who have been SUGerized and EduSUGated on some astronomy. They will certainly pass the passion onto the young people who attend their camp.
Awesome that they all had their own galileoscope!

Sidewalk Universe said...

They were a fun group to work with fellas. My goal in life is to infect as many as possible and to use all kinds of different folks as carriers! I think this group will spread the astrovirus quit well!