Sunday, August 30, 2009

8-29-09 Galileo Experience #3 Street Astro

What are some fun things that you like to do on a Saturday night with your friends and family? I realize that there are endless activities that can be said that will fill this time slot but I had a totally awesome time last night out on the byways of the Sparks Marina meeting and greeting locals and showing the biggest show of all - the universe. After a warm day the winds cleared out the air of its smoke from southern Cal fires which afforded us nice views of Luna and Jupiter. Folks were stopping by in droves to catch a view and get some education. The Moon and Jupiter provide a wonderful springboard which I use to move into different arenas of space science with my visitors. Most of my visitors have very little knowledge of Galileo, and just how significant his work was.

This fun group in the picture stayed with me 45 minutes taking in views and getting astrofied and then left to round up other family members to only return for another round of viewing. Their fellow family members where treated to the same fun telescope action in addition to views of the elusive Neptune, various double stars, poster presentations, and the opportunity to see 1 of Jupiters moons pass in front of another so they saw the blended light of these moons as one - COOL! Hangout with the Sidewalk Guy and things are gonna be happening!

I had 63 visitors and I was treated to a fun specialty Soda Pop and snacks by one kind group - thanks!


Drive-by Astronomy said...

You're on a roll now Richie. Wow what a beautiful sky behind the group of SUGtuplets. Is it due to the smoke in the air? You had a really nice crowd again stopin' in to the astro roadshow. Jupiter's moons have been putting on a great show lately. Superb work again SUGster!

Marc said...

We so need to see more of these kinds of posting in the astronomy world. Not more..."ew look at the false colour" or "my scope is bigger than your scope" postings that you see in various forums.

Luv it. With this weeks forecast I hope to be out again!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey guys thanks for your support! I am really sorry about the poor quality of the pics! I have a small HP camera and I am not really that good with stuff like this. Marc these pics must drive you crazy!

Yes Mr.Drive By the Moons have been eclipsing each other the last few nights and a lucky few have witnessed these events - really fun to share this with the public! You are seeing the effect of smoke, but our sunsets here along the Sierra are pretty most of the time!

Hope you two get to do some outreach soon!

Marc said...

Nah, the pics tell the story, so they are fine...

I hear Mount Wilson is in big trouble with the fires, let's hope it survives.

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