Monday, August 31, 2009

8-30-09 Galileo Experience #4 Street Astro

This was my final outing for this week's astronomy blitz with the citizen's of Reno-Sparks NV. I had a nice evening with cool temps and lots of walkers about. I will try to change my location here for my next series of outings, not sure where yet but I know I will get inspired. I have had alot of fun with these latest events, very receptive folks who seemed genuinely appreciative of my effort to show off the universe to them.

Forrest here was one of my last visitors. He is a quite and polite young man who really pondered his views of Luna and Jupiter. In his own way you could see the gears turning in his head as he looked through the scope! I had 43 stop by to enjoy the celestial show and listen to the SUG's banter.


Bob Johnson said...

I love that you practice what you preach, right on!!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Thanks Bob, I enjoy outreach to no end, and my personal times behind the eyepiece fill me with joy all the time! Nice pic of you and your 10"(250cm) newt, that's a fun scope to scan the sky with!